Technical Service and Repair

A big part of Islam Oxygen Company’s commitment to providing complete customer service with great satisfaction with our technical service and repair department. With our specialized knowledge and experience in industrial and medical gas process applications, Islam Oxygen provides design and engineering consultancy services to our client’s needs offering a complete range of products from gas cylinders to piping system installation.

We provide a wealth of experience in the set-up and maintenance of automated equipment. We are well versed in solving your technical problems.

Don’t forget about routine maintenance. We offer a preventative maintenance program to our customers on a yearly/as-needed basis. The program includes cleaning, inspection, and a reduced price on replacement parts. This will keep your equipment operating as efficiently as possible and reduce costly downtime.

Repairing of High-Pressure Cylinder Valves
We provide maintenance and replacement service of defective cylinder valves.

Hydrostatic Testing
We provide re-qualification services of all sizes of Cylinders, Jumbo Tubes and Jumbo Skids by Hydrostatic Testing.