Medical Air

Medical Air

Air is natural abundant in the earth’s atmosphere.


Non-flammable, compressed at high pressure.


  • Medical Air (O2 range 19.5 % to 23.5%)
  • Breathing Air (O2 range 20.0 % to 22.5%)
  • Zero Air (O2 range 19.5 % to 23.5%)

Supply Options

IOL Supplies Medical Air:

  • Compressed in cylinder capacities 1m3to 10m3
  • In cylinder racks – 1×16, 1×30,1×60

Manufacturing Method

Natural Air is compressed in cylinders by compressors / produced artificially by mixing gaseous Oxygen & Nitrogen to required proportions.

Uses of Medical Air

Medical Use

Used in hospitals with artificial breathing apparatus, used in underwater diving & self contained breathing apparatus.


  • Carrier gas for anesthetic agents in inhalational anesthesia Driving incubators , ventilators and surgical tools in operating theater
  • Life Support

Industrial Use

Air is used to calibrate environmental emission monitoring, industrial hygiene monitors and trace impurity analyzers and as balance gas for some calibration mixtures. It is also used as combustion gases for gas chromatograph detectors (flame ionization or FID, flame photometric or FPD) and atomic absorption (or AAS spectrophotometers. For various industries, it is used for pneumatic functioning of machineries.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Refer to IOL Material Safety Data Sheet for further information on product handling, storage and usage.