Medical Equipment

Greetings from Islam Oxygen Medical Equipment Trading Unit, a leading provider of high-quality medical products and technologies in Bangladesh!

Since its establishment, Islam Oxygen Medical Trading Unit has focused on providing comprehensive solutions that meet our client needs in the form of state-of-the-art medical equipment and technologies in a cost-effective manner. We are committed to ensuring the availability of best healthcare services in Bangladesh by providing the necessary medical devices and instruments, pharmaceutical formulations as well as the relevant training and education to our clients in this sector.

We have a team of professionals working towards making the best quality medical equipment within the reach of health care workers across Bangladesh. Our team consists of qualified engineers and MBA professionals along with several affiliated doctors, who have played a significant role in introducing new technologies in the region and turning them into successful brands. It is with the dedication and hard work of our entire team that we have today become one of the leading and most trusted suppliers of a wide range of medical equipment in the health care sector in Bangladesh.

Our Working Policy

Our basic philosophy is to provide comprehensive health care solutions that meet the diverse and changing needs of efficient healthcare. In keeping with the same, we not only supply the best equipment ad technologies to our clients but also educate them about the latest developments in the sector by organizing workshops and interacting freely with them to develop a strong alliance base on trust. We also keep ourselves updated by participating in various conferences related to this specific niche.  Over the years we have developed a strong network with key decision-makers in the industry, which has helped enhance our growth.

 Our Aim

We aspire to emerge as the biggest supplier of high-quality medical equipment in the country. To ensure the same we focus on building strong long term relationships with our clients by serving them in the most satisfactory and timely manner.