Eyar Ali Steel & Re-rolling Mills Limited

Eyar Ali Steel Re-rolling Mills Limited (ESRM) is one of the noteworthy companies in Bangladesh in the steel and iron sector. The company was incepted in early 2005 in the form of a private limited company, contribute to the national economy and ensure industrial growth of the country, the sponsors build up with a strong vision and devoted entirely to trade and industry, their dedication is truly appreciated by their commendable clientele.

ESRM Business activities :

Eyar Ali Steel & Re-Rolling Mills Limited (ESRM) has undoubtedly proven itself as the benchmark of manufacturer of high standard Steel and Iron Materials/Products for the domestic market.

To produce Deformed Rod TMT 500 W, GR. 60/400 W, MS-Angle, MS-Z Bar, MS-Flat Bar, etc. Steel scrap and MS Plate are used as raw materials. Currently, the project is producing at 62% capacity.

Over the years ESRM as a thriving progressive steel enterprise due to its ability to transform itself rapidly to meet the challenges of a highly competitive global economy. Constant modernization, the introduction of state-of-the-art technology and is manned by the highly efficient and dynamic team of employees, has enabled the Company to stay ahead in the industry and successfully meet the expectations of all customers.